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Sending me a PM? Read this First.
« on: June 19, 2012, 02:16:10 PM »
I hate to do this but really its getting out of control and i'm just plain sick and tired of reading bitchy PM's because some people can't figure out how to read the nemourous announcements and topics that already have regarding these issues. 

First of all let me just say that I am more then happy to answer MOST questions or concerns you have regarding the site or a post you made.

HOWEVER I will only reply to you if you are respectful towards myself in the tone of your writting.  If you write me and complain about the rules and restrictions and tell me its messed up and your being picked on and just bitch, bitch, bitch and even degrade myself then I will not be respectful in return and you WILL NOT be replyed to.  Using this site is priviladge Not a right.  If you want my help then be respectful towards me.

Second.  If you send me ANY pm asking about the classified post limit then I WILL NOT return you PM.  There are multipule threads talking about the requirements to view the classifieds.  I don't care if you have been a member for 5 days or 5 years.  If you do not have 20 Posts then you WILL NOT be allowed access to the Classifieds.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  I don't care who you know or who will vouch for you.  If you want to use a service that we provide then you must adhear to the guidelines and requirements in place.  When it all comes down to it we do this for your own protection.

Lastly.  And it goes with what I posted above.  If you PM me and complain about Mods unfairly or intentionally delete your posts I will look into it.  EVERY deleted post goes into a recycle Bin that I can view for myself and decided if it was a rightful removal or not.  However 99% of the time I have found that the Moderator has made the right decision to remove a post.  Its clearly stated that Trash Posts and Post Whoring is STRICTLY not allowed for trial members.  Theres nothing wrong with bumping 6 month old threads.  However if your not adding anything constructive to that thread then its considered a trash post and was made only as an attempt to get your post count up.  This goes for any none constructive post you make.  Thats why theres a trial period.  If you continue to make trash posts after we have removed previous ones and Even start a thread to complain about it then you will be Muted or even Banned for a period of time.  Again each time wither I PM you back or Not I will view to see if the posts were rightfully removed or not.  If they were I WILL NOT return the PM.  If they were fine posts they will be restored and the Mod who removed it talked to. 

I think that covers everything I need to say.  Please be respectful with the PMs you send me and know if that I will not respond to any PMs regarding the trial member restrictions.  Thanks.

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