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Re: DX_JDM_HATCH build thread
« Reply #180 on: September 09, 2017, 12:41:24 AM »
So this was my build thread I started back in 2013....  I started the thread after I finished the car going back through my posts and the comment its pretty crazy how long ago this truly was.  Looking back at the post I had a bunch of pictures from Photobuck but it looks like they want 300.00 to show those pictures which isn't going to happen on my end.

Anyways I'm glad to say the car is still boosted and has had some small issues but still beating the shit out of the M5's that Mom or pop let kids drive.  So to update everyone I have just blown my 2nd turbo , Precision 5858, this one was rebuilt within 1500 mile of putting in on the car so I had all Garrett internals put into it from seals to 360 bearing.  It last much longer almost 30-35k miles.  This car is my daily and I mean daily as in I drive it to Park City from Layton and home that's 120mi round trip.  During baseball season I would come home and pick up my son and drive back down to West Jordan, Draper, American Fork, twice to mesquite.  So I drove the shit out of this car and it wasn't always easy miles.  I probably shouldn't say it here but I would seriously  street race this thing. 95% of was from so sort of roll 40, 60, 70mph to 160mph.

People will call me a Cortney Green nut hugger but  I don't give a shit. This motor is ROCK solid and the only problem I've had is turbo stuff.

So I guess I continue with my build thread where I am at now.  Recently the 2nd Precision 5858 blew the seals.  Car stil made boot no problem but it was smoking like a mad man.  I decided to pull the turbo off and this is what I found along with this
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