Author Topic: Boosted Integra: Cranks but won't start (Backfires sometimes)  (Read 1228 times)


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I'm sure I'm wasting my time here since no one is ever on here but I'll try anyways since I don't want to post on FB

Current Setup: Click my build thread link in sig for setup.

Problem: Drove to work, Layton to Park City, last Tuesday and there were ZERO issues coming to work. Even got into a little dash up Parley's with an STi. Parked the car without problem. I went to leave to get to my son's baseball game and the car will not start. At first it sounded like it wanted to just never would. Now it doesn't sound like it wants to at all.

Troubleshooting that's been done: I've replaced the Distributor Cap, rotor, ICM, coil, main relay, plugs, plug wires. I've ensured all fuses under dash and hood are good. Verified fuel is getting to the plugs. After replacing the plugs I tried to start it. It backfired, I couldn't tell if it's coming from exhaust of intake I'll have to test that more since it doesn't backfire every time. I pulled all the plugs and they were soaked with fuel. I then used my spark tester on all plugs and I'm getting spark. I'm not sure if it's good spark don't know how to tell that but there is spark. I've done a visual check on the timing belt and it doesn't look to have any teeth missing. I've also made sure there is fuel in the tank by putting in 2 gallons. I put my battery on a charger to make sure there is full charge but I've also tried to jump it with my wife's van. I've checked for stored codes and nothing. I've pulled the ECU opened it up to make sure nothing looks burnt and everything looks good.

Next troubleshooting steps: I'm going to check compression but I don't think this will be the problem since it was running absolutely fine before this happened. I do have a Clifford alarm system so I'm going to see if I can disconnect that make sure it's not screwing something up. I'm also going to verify that the timing marks are all lined up and correct.

Couple questions:

1. Is it possible even though  I replaced the ICM, coil, cap and rotor that the distributor is still bad???
2. Is it possible the Crankshaft Fluctuation Sensor or Crankshaft Position Sensor is bad without throwing a code?
3. If the MAP or TPS sensor are bad will the car at least start and run like shit or not start at all?

This is getting a little frustrating trying to figure this out. I've been reading and reading but I need help now so any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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